It’s VES Staff Appreciation Week! Celebrate Your Teacher on Friday, May 1

April 27 marks the beginning of Staff Appreciation Week at VES! Since we’re unable to bring in flowers or cards to give teachers in person, the PTA will be sending virtual thanks electronically throughout the week. Because everyone will be occupied with distance learning Monday through Thursday, we’re suggesting that Friday, May 1st be Celebrate Your Teacher Day. Sending your thanks throughout the week is obviously more than welcome, but with the distance learning reboot, it may be easier to focus celebrations on Friday when teachers and students have a catch-up day. 

Room parents are coordinating with their classes, and we know teachers would be thrilled if families are able to email a picture or note from their students saying hello and expressing their gratitude. You can find email addresses on the VES staff directory page. If you need a jump start, printable, color-your-own thank-you cards are available on the PTA website. Thank you for helping celebrate VES staff and teachers!