Summer Camps

Summer 2019 PTA Camps

Registration will be open on Sunday, March 31st at 9:00 PM


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Week 1: June 24 – June 28

Space Camp with Ms. King

Join Ms. King for a week of space exploration! We will plan our virtual trip to the moon, prepare for life without gravity, and design the ultimate rocket and space suit. We will learn to communicate and problem-solve in weightlessness! It will be an out-of-this-world experience!

Sports and Adventure Camp with Mr. Sid

Come spend the morning playing Wiffle ball, Floor Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, and enjoy a Special Skills Challenge Day!  The 1st hour will cover basic skills and fitness; the remainder will be used for games and tournaments.  We will participate in bike and hike (on the WO&D trail as well as off the trail), climb wall challenges, slack line balance, and other adventures.  Rising 2nd graders to rising 6th graders are welcome to come and compete and have fun!

Creative Building and Architecture Camp with Mr. Sid

Come find out how tall you can build a tower, bridge, building, village, and anything else you can think of.  We will be using Keva style planks, big building blocks, and other creative materials.  Building for 3 hours means being able to build on a grand scale!

Lego Camp with Ms. Martinez

Do you love Legos?  Are you a master builder or novice?  It doesn’t matter!  If you love Legos, you will love this camp!  We will have daily building competitions, and free time to build masterpieces with friends, plus learn all about how Legos are made, famous Lego artists, and tips and tricks to take your Lego expertise to the next level!

Pets and Wildlife Camp with Ms. Martinez

Do you have a pet, or do you want to get one?   Do you love the wildlife in your yard?  Then this is the camp for you!  You will learn how to care for your pets and how to care for the animals you might encounter in our community.  You will hear from a rescue league, a veterinarian, and a wildlife rehabilitator, plus take a walking field trip to an area pet shop.  You will make toys and blankets for animals in the Fairfax County shelter and have fun making all types of animal crafts. Campers can complete for most, if not all requirements, for scouting badges related to animals.

 Week 2: July 8 – July 12

Cooking Camp with Mrs. Long and Mrs. Sheehan

Come along on a culinary adventure! Our young chefs will be treated to an immersive hands-on experience, where they will experience a rainbow of flavors and discover new cooking methods. We will also have the opportunity to visit a variety of the wonderful restaurants that make up our very own Vienna community. We will learn about nutrition, healthy eating habits, and how to use food as fuel, using the MyPlate nutritional guide as a resource. Chefs should come prepared to challenge their taste buds!

Arts and Crafts Camp with Ms. Lawson:

Summer is almost here and it’s the perfect time to unleash some creativity. The goal for Arts and Crafts Camp is to get the creative juices flowing, and boy do they flow! This is an Arts and Crafts Camp for kids of all skill levels. You’ll be immersed in color through painting, drawing, paper crafts, and so much more. If you’re fun and creative, or want to be, Arts and Crafts Camp is the place for you!

Makerspace Camp with Ms. Ochs

Create with the heart, build with the mind. Come join in a world of imagination.  This is your opportunity to make your inventive thoughts become a reality.  Using found objects and various craft materials, we will be creating machines, imaginative play spaces, and much more!

Classic Games Camp with Ms. Ochs

Boom! Kapow! Wow! Are you just as excited, as I am, about Classic Game Camp? Come join in on these fun-filled activities! We will be playing classic board games such as: Monopoly, Life, Scrabble and more! But that’s not all! In addition, we will also be playing classic outdoor games including: Freeze Tag, Capture the Flag, Musical Chairs and more! Let’s have some fun, in the summer-time sun!

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