Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is an international creative problem-solving program that allows students’ knowledge and ideas to come to life. Students learn to identify a problem, brain­storm solutions, evaluate ideas, select the best one and then develop it. The process encourages creative, critical and innovative thinking in a safe environment. Visit the website to learn more at: Odyssey of the Mind

Who Should Participate?
All children can benefit from learning creative problem-solving techniques. Each team is allowed up to seven members and adult coach(es). Teams are organized by grade levels K-2 and 3-6.

Program Details
There are two components to the program – a long-term problem and a spontaneous problem. The topic for long-term problems varies from technical to artistic to classical subjects. It requires teams to prepare their solutions over several weeks or months. The topic for the spontaneous problem is given at the competition site. To view a list of 2020 problems, visit the website at: OoTM 2020: Long-Term Problems

When and Where?
Team Meetings are typically held once a week for about 60-90 minutes and start in mid October. They are usually held at a parent volunteer’s house on a day/time that is agreed upon by all team members. The schedule may be adjusted depending upon the team’s progress in preparation for the competition.

The regional competition is usually held on a Saturday in early March. Exact date/time shall be communicated when it’s confirmed.

The program relies on parent volunteers to coach the participating students. This limits the cost of participation to the cost of materials used for building the team solution (usually ranges within a $25-$50 per student). Training and ongoing support for coaches is provided by the local chapter coordinators via in-person sessions, online resources, weekly tips and emails.

How do i register?

Registration has closed for the school year, please check back next year!