After School Classes

Fall 2019 After School Classes

Registration for the Fall 2019 classes begins

September 20 at 9pm only online at

Classes will begin first week of October.


To register for After School Classes click on:
You will need a login prior to registering. We recommend setting this up prior to registration opening. 
After you’ve logged in you will see an option for After School Classes. Please click on that option to register.
FALL CLASS OFFERING (Read Full Descriptions Here)
Scholarship Information
Need-based scholarships will be granted for after-school clubs and summer camps using the following policy: Families may request a scholarship by contacting the VES guidance counselor or principal’s office prior to or during the registration window. Each child may receive a scholarship for one after-school club or summer camp per session offered (Fall, Winter, etc.). These may be used for clubs or camps that have already reached the minimum required registered students, but have not yet reached the maximum allowed students.

Cost of class includes material fees.

Q: Why can’t we use the library, cafeteria, gym, and band room?
A: FCPS does not allow vendors to utilize teacher classrooms which limits the rooms we are able to use. The cafeteria and gym is used by SACC after school therefore is not available. The library is used for various meetings after school. The band room does not have desks.

If you have any questions please contact

Please do not contact this email address with new class offerings or vendor solicitations at this time.