Great Art

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Great Art is a program sponsored by the PTA to bring more art into our classrooms.  Each month, parent volunteers teach students about a specific artist or art concept.  After the presentation, students do an art project based on the artist.  

If you are interested in the program please contact Rebecca Johnson Zara at



Great Art

Great Art provides a monthly art enrichment program to the entire school.  Each month, our docents present an artist to each class.  Following the presentation, we do an art project based on that artist.  All information is provided to you, including power point, lecture notes, project supplies and directions.  The presentation is 10-15 minutes with the rest of the time taken up by the project.  

Most people are nervous about the presentation portion but the kids are enthralled by the artists and it usually turns into a conversation instead of a "lecture."  We usually try to have at least 2 docents per class so one can present while the other prepares the project.  The commitment is 1 hour of classroom time a month, October through April, and then usually an extra 30 minutes to an hour at the monthly jam session where the artist and project are presented to you. Click to view Great Art Calendar

Besides volunteering as a docent, other volunteer opportunities with the Great Art program include preparing art supplies each month and helping to display art work.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Rebecca Johnson Zara at