Courtyard Garden

Many thanks to Oliver A. for creating a wonderful learning garden in the school’s courtyard as his Eagle Scout project.

“The garden is a children’s educational garden with native plants and I followed the Virginia SOL science cirruriculum for grades K to 6th. There is something in it for every grade and the teachers can bring their classes to it and learn about native plants and how they affect the enviroment and attract wildlife and how it changes through the seasons. There are small native trees, shrubs and plants that will attract wildlife, birds and insects for food and nectar. We also built benches out of old logs and composite planks made out of recycled plastic bags for the students to sit on. We also built a planting table to plant seedlings and handicapped people can access it and also plant seeds and work with plants. I am also writing a guide with pictures of the plants and what they do and it can be used by the teachers to help identify the plants. I am a junior at Madison but I went to Vienna from K to 6th grade and I started as a cub scout at Vienna and I always wanted to do my Eagle Project there. It was alot of work but I’m glad I did it and I hope everyone will enjoy it.”