Committee Chairs

2015 – 2016 School Year


President Christa Houser
Vice President Carol Ann Garner
Treasurer Terri Balle

Nalini Perkins and  Alysia Thompson

Secretary Moira Jacobsen


After School, Summer Programs Sarah Randall
Audit/Finance Committee Annette Vaughan
Bingo Night Karen Doner
Badges  Jess Readyhough, Amanda Siddon
Combined Federal Campaign Peter Hartogs
Communications Sarah Randall
Cultural Arts Jody Smith
Dining Out Fundraisers Regan Marshall and Allison French
Escrip Fundraising Programs Wendy Pearson
Faculty Basketball Game Trish Alexander; Beth Grim
Fall Fundraiser Terri Balle
Family Dance Shannon Schweers
    Teacher Raffles  Christa Houser
Fun Run/5k Michelle Small
Grace Arts Monica Cramer
Garden Steve Youssef
Safe Routes to School Sean McCall
Membership Trish Alexander
New Parent Outreach Julie Owens
Odyssey of the Mind Tina Mally
Read-a-Thon  Jessica Sartorius, Annette Vaughn
Recycling Holly Powers
Reflections Open
Room Parent Coordinator Katie Charnoff
School Supplies Lynn Collins
Science Olympiad Julie Phillip
Sixth Grade Luncheon Monica Cramer
Special Education Committee Shannon McNeill
Staff Appreciation Diana Nash
Superintendent’s Advisory Rep Jessica Sartorius
Viking Bank Sandy Casey
Volunteer Coordinator Wendy Pearson
Walking Wednesday Coord. Marianne Roman
Website Coordinator  Stephanie Hefferman
Wednesday Folders Carol Burke and Alexandra Hower
Wine Out Peter Hartogs and Erin Moseley
Directory Seema Javeri